Print the photo (singers and names), fold so that students don't see the names.

Talk about who's who.

Guess what they all have in common.

Reveal who's who.

All of them performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC.

Play a song by one of the singers. Prepare gap fill text before you play, hand out, students fill it out.

Homework: Students pick one singer they didn't know well before, research until next class and write.


- - - - - -

click here for VIDEO/YOUTUBE LINK: 10 music styles

Watch the video (CLICK the link above). You'll see excerpts from 10 great music videos.

While you watch, take notes: Who's singing? Do you know the artist, the song, the music style?


PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: (answer alone, with a partner or with a group)

1. Who are the artists? Do you know the names of the songs?

2. Can you name the music style for each video?

3. Who's your favorite and why? (best video) 

4. Who's your least favorite and why? (worst video)

5. Watch the videos again and pay attention to the lyrics. Can you say in your own words what each song is about? Are there words you don't know? 

6. You're reporters. Write a short article about the musician or a review about the song. If you don't know enough about an artist, do some online research or interview the other people in your group. When you're done, post all articles on a wall or read them to each other. You can also put them together in a "class magazine."

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